Michael Piacente


24+ Years Experience

  • 14+ Years Leadership Search

  • Successful Entrepreneur / Operating Partner

  • Expert meat smoker

Areas of Expertise

  • Security Officers (CSO/DevSecOps)

  • Digital Officers

  • Information and Technology Officers
    (DevOps / CIO)

Michael brings over 24 years of combined Cloud and IT practitioner and executive search experience. Michael has led a focused portfolio of search engagements in the areas of Security, Information Officers, Digital Officers, and DevOps.  Michael was previously the US CEO for Mitchellake Group and a Technology Partner with Calibre One. Prior to that he was the Founder and Managing Technology Partner for CVPartners. Prior to his executive search life, Michael was a leader in the managed cloud operations space; first as an early member of the SiteSmith (now AboveNet) and then as a co-founder of OpSource (now Dimension Data). Michael began his career with MTI, one of the pioneers in the managed storage space. He is a native of Maryland and holds a B.S. Degree from the University of Delaware.

Brett Starr


29+ Years Experience

  • 14+ Years Leadership Search

  • 15+ Years Operating Roles

  • Expert kid schlepper

Areas of Expertise

  • Security Leaders

  • Sales, Marketing & Product Leaders

  • Engineering & Operations Leaders
    (Enterprise SW, HW, Systems)

Brett has 29 years of industry experience including 14 years in Leadership Talent Acquisition as well as 15-years in Operating roles. Brett began his career in Accounting and Finance before moving to Product Management where he was an integral part of the SkyTel team that launched the first 2Way Messaging service, better known today as text messaging. In 1998, Brett moved to Silicon Valley to join Brocade Communications as one of the first 90 employees. He then spent the next 5 years in Sales and Business Development roles with Dell Computers and Embrace Networks, an Internet-of-Things software startup funded by Intel and August Capital. In 2005, Brett joined a boutique retained executive search firm where he placed executives in both privately-held as well as public companies. Brett holds a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Maryland.