No Hype. No Sizzle. Just Substance.

At Hitch, we are maniacally focused on making our client partners delighted, and ensuring we have fun making all that magic happen. We are not your typical retained search firm so you will not find the typical corporate background bios here.  That info can be found on our LinkedIn profiles. Here’s a bit about us you won't necessarily see on LinkedIn:

Jason is our overachieving research guru and resident vegan. We’ve never heard Jason say “I don’t have time for that” although we have heard him say “no problem, I have a window open between midnight and 4 am to get that done for you”. He’ll do whatever it takes to make that wizardry happen for our clients through intelligent research and leveraging information from our database (HitchBase) he custom-built from the ground up.  When Jason is not amazing us or making us laugh, he is planning his vegan meals, insane workouts and harassing Michael to substitute his meat-eating eating ways to join the “plant-based revolution”.

Karen focuses on candidate identification, development, and serves as our client's tour guide throughout the search process (basically she does everything as it relates to making said magic happen). Karen draws on her experience of having four children as well as being a part-time CrossFit instructor along with a professional career way too accomplished to be messing around with us. We’re just lucky she thinks partnering with us is a fun way to spend her time.  Karen is the snarky adult in the room so we all do what she says or else .. Burpees .. LOTS OF BURPEES. 

Jamie focuses on candidate identification and development somehow in between owning a CrossFit gym and taking care of two youngsters (three if you count her husband).  With a background in Healthcare Informatics and Nursing, there’s nothing we challenge her with that phases her. We love it when Jamie bosses Karen around (at the CrossFit gym).  We find that it distracts Karen from bossing us around.  

Brett has known the members of the Hitch Team through previous stops in their careers and  feels extra thankful they still put up with him. When he’s not working, you may find him failing to keep up with the youngsters at UMC Boot Camp or schlepping his kids to various activities and doing whatever his wife tells him to do.  If you’ve met his wife, you’ll understand.

As for Michael, no one works harder, talks more, and is overly concerned with our client’s success.  Michael has an extraordinary passion for security technology and a compassionate approach to interacting with clients, candidates and team members alike.  He’s an obedient husband, a caring Dad, a below average fisherman and “world class in his own mind” meat smoker. He’ll do anything to avoid exercise and the associated physical pain so of course we constantly bombard him with burpee challenges.  

As you can see, the Hitch Team’s secret to success is chemistry.  It’s something we hope to help our clients achieve with high impact hires.

Many of the Hitch Partners Team members grew up or spent time in MD/VA/DC area admiring Cal Ripken Jr who “just showed up” again and again and again quietly DELIVERING at a world-class level. Not flashy, lots of pride in his work, a positive role model with great values who did amazing things for fans both on and off the field.  It’s not surprising Cal has been successful in multiple industries, not just professional baseball. This type of consistent excellence is what our team aspires to DELIVER.  

That’s the Hitch Partners way!


Jason proudly displaying his Impossible Burger, a symbol of the “Plant-Based Revolution”

Jason proudly displaying his Impossible Burger, a symbol of the “Plant-Based Revolution”

Karen & Jamie Dominating the Crossfit 2019 Festivus Games

Karen & Jamie Dominating the Crossfit 2019 Festivus Games